HTML 5 is like a hot cakes now.

Because of this, i went to check my current projects and confirmed we are using XHTML 1.0, which is extensible version of HTML 4.0. Most of the time i just copy and paste the aspx / create a master page as template in coding, NEVER i pay attention on the standard like this (*shame*).

Attended Tech Insights 2011 preview session on Thursday, the html5 sessions were really interesting. This post is about the summary of wan wan knows about HTML5 as at 24th September 2011, 9:59am: 😉

Easy way to change your ASPX page to html 5 / Recognize html5, just remain your DOCTYPE as :
<!DOCTYPE html>

HTMl5 basic page layout:

VS2010 SP 1:

HTML 5 & CSS3 supported.

Sample Websites built in HTML5:

Your Director’s Cut † Bon Jovi

HTML 5 Story book

Huh? Angry bird in HTML5

HTML5 Fish Bowl

HTML 5 Controls:

“w3school” is cool and easy to understand, always one of my favorite web sites to refresh knowledge – w3school html5.

HTML 5 Resources & Article:

HTML5 Labs

Building Apps with HTML5: What You Need to Know by Brandon Satrom.