Super easy to create a web site in different language, the first thing you need to have the practice is Resources your visible text in your project!

1. Add the Resources file with different naming in App_GlobalResources folder. [es-MX – Spanish (Maxico) / ja-JP – Japanese / zh-CN – Chinese (RPC)]

2. You should have all the same variable Name called “Welcome” in all your resources file:

3. Add a drop down to test out the languages. Resource your label visible text, point to Common resources file, instruct the label text get the value from resource name “Welcome”.

4. Override the method “InitializeCulture()” in code behind.

5. Done!

Alternatively you can watch this video which give you basic and clear idea how to easily create multi-language web sites! Using Visual Studio 2008 with the .NET Framework 3.5.

Happy coding! 😉