I need to start a silverlight project with Caliburn Micro very soon, so i need something very simple to make me have a quick idea what is Caliburn?  How Caliburn can help me development task? and i found this Caliburn Micro. I went through all 4 posts and i found them are very very useful. I created a simple app and i was surprised by Caliburn magic!

My Test Project:

1. View: Create TestView.xaml

2. View Model: Create TestViewModel.cs

3. Add a AppBootstrapper.cs to tell the application using Caliburn framework and start with which ViewModel.

4. Add a line in App.xaml to use AppBootstrapper.

5. Result!

In Summary:
1. Name is the key in Caliburn.
2. Less code:

  • View will automatically linked with View model if you put the right name and object will automatically.
  • View’s Control automatically connected with View model public object by using the same variable name.