I made a post http 301 and 302 redirect last month to talk about redirect stuff. URL forwarding can be set-up as cloaked or uncloaked.

Summary from Melbourne IT hosting company:
When setting up your URL forwarding in the cloaked format, it retains the domain name in the address bar as it redirects you to another domain name. From a user point of view, a customer will not be aware that they are being forwarded as the domain is retained in the address bar.

URL forwarding in the uncloaked option is the total opposite to cloaked. The difference between the two options is the way the domain name is represented within the address bar of your browser. When typing a domain name which has uncloaked URL forwarding setup, you will notice upon hitting ‘enter’ on your keyboard that the address bar will change, and display the destined address. Whether it is a domain or a specified path name, a customer will see where the redirection is pointing to.