2013 a busy year.

A lot of differences & unexpected incidents make me as an organized person was struggling a lot.
The most important is the struggles make me growth.

  • I almost lost my brother in the middle of the year (he is fully recovered now) which push me to be strong independent person. I started to notice the greatest wealth is health.
  • I have done a lot a lot travelling. I have been to Malaysia(Taiping, Klang, Pulau Ketam, Kuching), Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia & Japan.
  • I develop my interest in cooking & baking. I want to be a good wife to my husband (one day) and I like the challenge of preparing meal.
  • If you ask me join Marathon 2 years ago, I probably will ask you shut the fxck up. I joined 2 marathons both 5 km in the year of 2013 which make me feel like I am physically fit. I really exercise a lot if compared with a year ago.
  • I did try some management jobs this year not only limit myself as a .net developer which I think is good for me.
  • Practice of let go.

Much to learn you still have.