I love travel and experience new thing.

I used to travel overseas at least once a year but i have to temporarily on hold my travel plan due to unexpected family commitment this year. But still my passion for travel never dies. Is time to looking for a way to travel without spending a lot of money.

If I have budget – use plane.
If I have medium budget or some destination difficult to reach by public transport – use car
If I lazy to drive, I will choose destinations that can reach easily by train or bus.

Some useful information here:
Malaysia Public Transport – KTM Komuter
Check fares, time table, destination from this website, quite handy. I can chit chat with friends, read, document, write diary, play games with my Ipad.

Malaysia Public Transport – KTMB
Malaysia long distance train service. You can buy your ticket before the trip and book your seat.

Now please read my blog further to see how WanWan doing budget travel in Malaysia. Let’s go!