Very good article by Lakshmi Raman.

When you cleanse your life, both physically and emotionally, you create space for something better Raman#

If you’re afraid of letting someone go, realize you are doing them a favor. You’re not only creating space in your own life, you’re also creating space in theirs so they can find someone who is a better energetic match for them. Raman#

I realized I had to stop sacrificing myself and my happiness for others. It isn’t healthy. Raman#

I also knew this would help me attract healthier relationships. When you start doing things for yourself, people pick up on that energy and can see and appreciate you for who you are.  Raman#

As you start dedicating time to things that are important to you, the right people will come into your life—people who see and appreciate you for who you really are.  Raman#