Gigi Griffis is one of the strong women i admire on – She is brave, happy and positive.
My first solo experience was few years ago to Brussels-Belgium. My travel partner couldn’t make it few days before the trip , I almost give up the trip due to the fear of travel alone. Indeed i never regret i made the bold move to choose the solo travel instead of staying home.

I love the post Solo Travel is Hard. Do it Anyway by Gigi so much:

  • The truth is that this is sometimes our choice, not between two ideal options—solo travel with its ultimate freedom or partnered travel with its shared experiences and responsibilities—but between flying solo, braving that full burden ourselves, or missing out on the experience.
  • I choose travel. I choose experience
  • And so this post is for the rest of us, the ones not wrestling with the question of traveling with friends or going it alone, but wrestling with the question of traveling alone or staying at home. There’s no right answer, really. Home can be a lovely place, too. But if what you want is a life of travel, don’t let being alone stop you. Go. Do. Be unstoppable.