Last weekend was like a drama , the family running in and out in the ICU, no one knows including doctor when was the last visit. A lot of medicines + multiple tubes to support your life, medicine and medical tools work harder than the your actual body. I know you were still listening what we were talking beside you, indeed you were still fighting. Your sons, daughter, grandchildren, brother & sisters, nieces, nephews we all here to support and accompany you until the last breath.

I hate the feel waiting outside of the ward and waiting for the time. This reminds me when i was 17 we did the same for grandma when doctor announce there was no hope to rescue her life, the different is now you were on the bed suffering the pain and discomfort caused by cancer. The time never be enough for the family to accept and face the truth.

I miss grandma & Tiffany a lot and now you. With my knees down, i want to say Thank You so much for all your supports & concern to me and my family, I don’t know what else to say but words cant express my feeling now.

Uncle, may you rest in peace. I miss you.