I really really love to subscribe articles from Zapier. Zapier always can give me a lot of inspiring ideas and impressed me. This time the blog post i received is – How to Use Simple Checklists to Boost Efficiency and Reduce Mistakes.

Yes, I agreed checklist is very important. Pilot, doctor, lawyer and a lot of more professional definitely are using checking list to make sure minimize the mistake. Especially on the routines job, that is too easy for people to forget 1 or 2 steps and make mistake.

“Had a checklist been followed, the patient wouldn’t have been left in the ER to await surgery for a small knife wound, but would have been rushed to surgery immediately when his doctors realized how deep his wound went.”. Imagine, a simple checklist can save a life.

I love this surgical checklist, plan to make my own check list when i back from Sydney Business trip to boost up efficiency!