Finally ! (Feel like want to scream out loud). My first Android Application be generated by using my most familiar tool Visual Studio. This time i use Visual Studio 2015 Community Version + Xamarin to build this.

Quick Tips:

1. Download Visual Studio 2015 community version from here.
2. Watch this video to know what custom installation options you can choose during installation and how to building cross-platform mobile apps using C# and Visual Studio 2015
3.Register yourself at Xamarin, and activate the Xamarin Starter version
4. Get ready to develop your first hello world mobile app!

The down sides
1. I think the Xamarin Starter version only can last for a month for the free trial.
2. Starter Version only allows you to build Android application, for the IOS you need to pay for it.
3. Which mean for develop mobile application in VS 2015, you still need to invest $$$. Not truly open source.