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Self Improvement

Why You Need to Fail?


I always get inspired watching Derek Sivers Video. Notes that i really love them:
1. Doing what you know is fun but doesn’t improve you.
2. Fixed Vs Growth mindset
3. Everything we do is just an option, everything we do is just an experiment.


The “Good Enough” Life Choice


This video by Derek Sivers reminds me life is about sum of choices.

These Comics Perfectly Sum Up What It’s Like To Have Anxiety

Good work Beth Evans. I love your way how to translate Anxiety in this way.
More Anxiety Comics here.

Solo Travel is Hard. Do It Anyway – By Gigi Griffis


Gigi Griffis is one of the strong women i admire on – She is brave, happy and positive.
My first solo experience was few years ago to Brussels-Belgium. My travel partner couldn’t make it few days before the trip , I almost give up the trip due to the fear of travel alone. Indeed i never regret i made the bold move to choose the solo travel instead of staying home.

I love the post Solo Travel is Hard. Do it Anyway by Gigi so much:

  • The truth is that this is sometimes our choice, not between two ideal options—solo travel with its ultimate freedom or partnered travel with its shared experiences and responsibilities—but between flying solo, braving that full burden ourselves, or missing out on the experience.
  • I choose travel. I choose experience
  • And so this post is for the rest of us, the ones not wrestling with the question of traveling with friends or going it alone, but wrestling with the question of traveling alone or staying at home. There’s no right answer, really. Home can be a lovely place, too. But if what you want is a life of travel, don’t let being alone stop you. Go. Do. Be unstoppable.

Letting Go of Unhealthy Relationships and Rediscovering Yourself


Very good article by Lakshmi Raman.

When you cleanse your life, both physically and emotionally, you create space for something better Raman#

If you’re afraid of letting someone go, realize you are doing them a favor. You’re not only creating space in your own life, you’re also creating space in theirs so they can find someone who is a better energetic match for them. Raman#

I realized I had to stop sacrificing myself and my happiness for others. It isn’t healthy. Raman#

I also knew this would help me attract healthier relationships. When you start doing things for yourself, people pick up on that energy and can see and appreciate you for who you are.  Raman#

As you start dedicating time to things that are important to you, the right people will come into your life—people who see and appreciate you for who you really are.  Raman#

Dear Engineers, Your job is not to write code!


Dear Engineers,

Your job is not to write code.

I know. You think you were hired to write code. In fact, your entire interview process centered around how well you could write code. And I’m sure you do it really well.

But it’s not your job.

Your job is to improve our product for our users. If you want to get technical about it, your job is to improve our product for our users in a way that improves the key metrics of the company. But honestly, you don’t always have a lot of control over that second bit. You do, however, have an enormous amount of control over the first bit!

Of course, if you want to do your job well, it does mean that you may have to change some of your current behaviors.

For one thing, you need to make sure that the code you write (writing code is still one of the main things you will do when doing your job, by the way) runs the way it should, even on users’ machines.

Continue the full article here…

P/s: Super interesting document to read on for whoever writes code. This article might make you think what your code looks like from a product/ project manager shoes.

To fight or not to fight?

In a big company getting things done and complete the task with the right practice can be very challenging. I always heard people talking about “Pick your battle wisely” & “Don’t sweat the small stuffs”, how to do it exactly i have no idea until i read this – To fight or not to fight: how to know when to go to battle for an idea (and how to win).

Articles, blog or guidelines are definitely help. I think there is no rule tell us 100% when is the right time to fight/ not to fight, most likely a lot of time we need to judge by our experience, knowledge, context (or probably luck). If we pick the wrong war so we might fight at the cost of other, the key is keep learning from the mistake and move on. One day hopefully i will be ready and able to advise other to make better decision.

P/s: I am a fan of Kate Matsudaira =*_^=

How do you know you are on the right path in your life?

Young girl walking along a beach following footsteps

Check out the answer from CamMi Pham:
This is is truth. You will never know you are on the right path in your life.
Unless you can tell the future. What you think is right might not be right.

But you can tell what feels right now and you should enjoy it. Everything can fall apart tomorrow.

Don’t live in the past, and do what worked in the past. Most likely it doesn’t work anymore.
Don’t worry about the future because most likely all your prediction will be wrong.
Live in the “NOW.” Do what feels right now and enjoy it. Everything else is tomorrow’s problem.

BCC Is Evil


Personally i don’t like put anyone in the BCC list when sending email, the BCC behaviour always bring me to the subject of trust. The BCC goes much deeper after reading this – BCC is evil.

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