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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Life moves on.

Your decision is always best for you. Never look back only forwards in life – can’t do anything by looking back – Michael French.


Can Your Team Pass The Elevator Test?


Days ago read an interesting post on Coding Horror Can your team pass the elevator test?

I have a complex feeling about this. Recently i needs to talk to different teams a lot. From end user, operation director, managers, service desk, second level support, DBA, infra & etc. And a lot of times i talked to different members in the same team – supervisor or the staff(s) and ask for the same thing.

For example  I asked 1 +1  The answer is 2, that’s it. But the people from the same team might give you solution like ( 1 + 1 – 0 = 2) or  ( 1 + 1 +2 – 2 = 2) or ( this is how my supervisor tell me what i should do and i don’t care about the reason)  or ( this is all my staff needs to know is 2, they doesn’t need to know how to get 2, just follow my instruction will do) or (the question is too silly why you need to ask, I am suprise you know know the answer **sarcastic way**- most likely from the long service staffs ).

Supervisor usually doesn’t give the vision to the team – the best instruction they can give is just follow the instruction given will do.  Among the staffs doesn’t share the information, each person has their own standard / requirement  to ask you fulfill in order to complete the task.

Something is really disconnected in between…

Inside Out


鳥は会議室の外にある – それは自由です。
私は会議室の内側です – 自由がほしいです.

Bird is outside of meeting room – that’s freedom.
I am inside the meeting room – Hope for freedom.

Why You Need to Fail?


I always get inspired watching Derek Sivers Video. Notes that i really love them:
1. Doing what you know is fun but doesn’t improve you.
2. Fixed Vs Growth mindset
3. Everything we do is just an option, everything we do is just an experiment.

Hello Melaka – Weekend Escape

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