In a big company getting things done and complete the task with the right practice can be very challenging. I always heard people talking about “Pick your battle wisely” & “Don’t sweat the small stuffs”, how to do it exactly i have no idea until i read this – To fight or not to fight: how to know when to go to battle for an idea (and how to win).

Articles, blog or guidelines are definitely help. I think there is no rule tell us 100% when is the right time to fight/ not to fight, most likely a lot of time we need to judge by our experience, knowledge, context (or probably luck). If we pick the wrong war so we might fight at the cost of other, the key is keep learning from the mistake and move on. One day hopefully i will be ready and able to advise other to make better decision.

P/s: I am a fan of Kate Matsudaira =*_^=